The Optonome Difference

You are in complete control and have direct access to your clients, staff, and payers. No Middlemen!

Earn Top Dollar While Creating A Social Impact!

Help families by giving people in your community living wage opportunities, healthcare mentorship, and affordable housing.

Home Health Care In Your Community

Get the work/life balance you deserve. Earn more per hour of your time and focus on helping those who need long-term care achieve optimum autonomy.

Where CLINICIANS understand their VALUE and WANT a


Optonome allows speech-language Pathologists to have a work/life balance by filling a huge void within home and community-based service settings. The mobile application creates a home healthcare agency in a box solving all the problems in the home healthcare industry helping clinicians get a supportive network from other clinicians and CEOs around the country in real-time. With more clinical oversight in-home and community-based settings, DSPs can receive more support for better quality services

Clinician-Led Business

For anyone that is a licensed BCBA, RN, SLP, OT, or PT

  • Direct Billing Medicaid/Medicare
  • Staff marketplace access
  • Partnership opportunities
  • City/County/State Contract updates
  • SMS alerts
  • Unlimited video and audio
  • Unlimited forms
  • Priority-based notifications
  • AI-Powered online customized training for business
  • Weekly Mentorship Calls In App by industry
  • Earn more by being a part of our clinical network!

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)

Recruited & Trained

Anyone in your local community can

  • Download the Optonome app and train for FREE to earn a living wage
  • Gain access to our clinical network with real-time support
  • Access to additional training to earn up to $50 per hour