Business Owners


 Optonome started in the heavily regulated Medicaid home care services market providing the proper tools for small businesses to maintain compliance with strict government oversight and is now available to any small and medium-sized business such as…  

  • Food Trucks
  • Day Cares 
  • Construction 
  • Electricians 
  • Plumbers 
  • HVAC 
  • Tree Service 
  • And so many more!  

Interact With Your Local Community, Customers & Remote Workers With Optonome EquiSync

A Small Business Solution For A Work-Life Balance


$9 per CEO/Month

  • Custom website and a public drop pin showing hours, events, and activities of your business
  • Up to 3 Teams (personal/family, friends/hobby/biz) 
  • Unlimited channels for family, friends or clients, community members, payers, etc.
  • Ability to create public searchable storage of up to 1GB
  • Custom email and phone alerts (SMS extra)
  • Set user permissions for each chat message update
  • Access to activity marketplace
  • Electronic Service Verification with GPS for staff
  • Unlimited File Storage 
  • Real-time revenue and expense calculations**
  • Video and audio calling with screen sharing unlimited    
  • Dynamic search for pictures, files, text, and forms   
  • Custom form builder up to 5 forms with a signature requirement for multiple users
  • Access to compliance database
  • Expense tagging for easy transfer to schedule C or E
  • Staff Timesheets
  • Track Each Job with Notifications
  • Expense Reports
  • COMING SOON – In-channel Payments

More About EquiSync

We’re here to help businesses like yours connect with customers in amazing new ways. Our platform makes it easy for you to manage clients, schedule appointments, send invoices, and stay connected through our mobile app. With Optonome Equisync, you’ll have everything you need to provide exceptional customer service and grow your business. Imagine keeping track of client details, scheduling your team efficiently, and getting paid quickly with professional invoices. You can even offer online booking for your customers and keep them updated with automatic text message updates. No more confusion or mistakes – our custom forms and checklists ensure smooth operations. Join our community of successful businesses and experience the difference with Optonome EquiSync. Your business is about to reach new heights!