Discover Optonome, your all-in-one solution for streamlined communication and personalized caregiving. While AI chatbots like ChatGPT have taken the digital world by storm, Optonome is redefining how families, caregivers, and businesses engage on a whole new level.

Community-Centric Approach: Optonome fosters a sense of belonging within communities. It’s not just about healthcare – it’s about connecting with local businesses, sharing events, and collaborating for stronger bonds and vibrant neighborhoods.

AI-Powered Assistance: Optonome’s advanced AI, backed by the GPT-4 language model, ensures unmatched capabilities to answer all your questions. From family planning to personalized products and services, Optonome adapts to your needs no matter your location, making everything seamless and intuitive, no matter your needs.

Transforming Home Healthcare: Optonome offers a comprehensive platform that goes beyond message conversations. It empowers home healthcare staff to provide high-quality care, ensuring top-notch care for your loved ones. With the ability to connect directly with an interdisciplinary team (occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech therapist, behavioral specialist, and registered nurse), it’s like having a real healthcare team locally and at your fingertips.

Unlimited Connectivity: Optonome offers a free version with 100 messages simply request an invite by sending a chat message to “Optonome” and an unbeatable $2 for unlimited messaging per month. Connect effortlessly with business managers, healthcare professionals, and support when needed.

Lifelong Learning: Optonome is a platform for growth. Anyone can train for free to become a team leader or care for others in their communities. Entry-level staff receive mentorship from licensed professionals, ensuring top-quality service and continuous improvement.


Join Optonome today to experience care, connection, and community like never before. Your general channel includes 100 GPT free messages just ask /quinn in any of your channels.

Embrace the future of caregiving and unleash the potential of AI in your daily life. Together, we’re transforming how families and businesses engage in the world of healthcare.