Prosocial Services

Our mission is to provide high-quality services to help individuals confront and overcome developmental challenges to live independent, healthy, and meaningful everyday lives.

Services We Specialize In

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) 
  • Treatment Planning 
  • Family/Caregiver Training 
  • Program Supervision 
  • Progress Evaluation


Behavioral Specialist Services (BSS)

Adapt, Overcome, Succeed

The BSS service supports participants to reduce the behavioral barriers to their development, participation, and independence using the scientific approach of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Services include: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Treatment Planning Family/Caregiver Training Program Supervision Progress Evaluation The goals of this service are to help participants reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of dangerous, destructive, disruptive, and other challenging behavior that presents risks to health, socialization, participation, and independence. Especially, to decrease crisis episodes and/or psychiatric hospitalizations.

Community Participation

Support Connect, Grow, Thrive

The purpose of CPS services is to broaden the types of life-long learning experiences available to Pursue competitive integrated employment. Develop and sustain valued social roles and relationships. Increase independence. Experience meaningful inclusion and activities with persons without disabilities who are not paid or unpaid caregivers We help those we serve to succeed by understanding what they like to do, what their hopes and dreams are, their knowledge and skills base, and their past experiences with community integration. Then we collaborate with the individual and their caregivers to develop a community integration plan that makes sense.

Systematic Skill Building (SSB)

Acquire, Practice, Apply

The SSB service teaches participants socially significant skills using the scientific approach of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Examples of skill domains include: Communication Social Basic Living Home Community Participation Independent Living Vocational The goals of this service are to help those we serve to increase their ability to care for themselves, decrease family/caregiver stress, increase the participant’s quality of life, and support more involvement in community activities.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Sense, Move, Integrate

The OT service helps participants achieve independence in all areas of life through structured therapy activities that integrate sensory input and movement to strengthen functional skills and reduce sensory and motor barriers to development, participation, and independence. Domains include:

  • Gross/Fine 
  • Motor Sensory 
  • Integration 
  • Community Participation 
  • Vocational/Employment 
  • Daily Living 
  • Leisure/Recreation

Healthcare Professional Clinical Network

Encouraging Interaction for Optimum Autonomy

Our innovative approach is to have real-time access to Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, Nurses, and Behavioral Specialists to support our DSPs, families, and consumers. Imagine your own clinical network in addition to local clinicians helping you live life with purpose and optimum autonomy.

The Fresh Start Program

Live, Learn, Leisure

The purpose of the fresh start program is a program to address the unmet needs that prevent adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Intellectual Disabilities. The Fresh Start Program is for those participants that do not qualify for Community Home Supervised Care service, but still want to work toward more independent living. This program provides subsidized housing based on income and allows our direct support staff to provide customized life skills training while in constant communication with our CEO to improve outcomes.

Employment Services

Find, Try, Enjoy

Employment Services assist the participant with finding and maintaining a meaningful, paid job through career planning and ongoing employment support. Services include:

Vocational Assessment
Job Finding
Intensive Job Coaching
Extended Employment Supports
We help those we serve to succeed by evaluating their preferences, interests, skills, needs, and abilities to develop a comprehensive Vocational Profile. Direct services include job discovery, job tryouts, situational assessments, short-term employment learning opportunities, and benefits counseling. Indirect services include records reviews, researching potential job placements, arranging job trials, data analysis, conducting assessments and interviews, and report writing.

Founder and CEO: Kyle China, BCBA


Counties Served In Pennsylvania

Serving Lehigh and Surrounding Counties.

Our Services:

  • Community Inclusion 
  • Services Systematic 
  • Skill Building (SSB) 
  • Supportive Employment 
  • Behavioral Specialist 
  • Consulting Services  
  • Fresh Start Program 
  • Weekly Oversight and Mentorship

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