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Founded by a Behavioral Specialist Consultant, At We Care Support Services our mission is to provide high-quality and specific individualized services to the people we serve. We aim to promote health and wellness by providing unmatched employee commitment and compassion centered around patient care.


We promise to go above and beyond care  Expectations to treat all persons equally   Compassion provides quality care for our clients’  Aspirations we are dedicated to  the development of our clientele   Respect others   Efficiency providing effective individualized services 


Community Inclusion Service supports individuals in gaining skills necessary to live within their home and community. We Care Support Services direct support professionals (DSPs) will encourage, prompt, and support the individual to obtain their goals that include activities of daily living (ADL). ADLs are person-centered and include anything that is important to them in living a more productive, healthy, and independent life. 

Systematic Skill Building (SSB) is a service designed to support individuals in acquiring skills that promote their independence and their participation in their community. SSB utilizes techniques from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Used to build skills that include communication, social skills, community participation, vocations, and independent living in order to improve quality of life.

Supportive Employment provides a variety of supports including vocational assessments, job finding, job coaching, and extended supportive employment utilizing a person-centered approach. This approach keeps the individual at the forefront of decision-making regarding their life. Employment not only allows an individual to be included within the community but also feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Behavioral Specialist Consulting Service provides support to individuals with behaviors that can create obstacles for them to be active in their community or live at home, where disruptive or destructive behaviors hinder these opportunities. Utilizing a Behavioral Specialist, an individualized, comprehensive plan can be created to support the individual, family, and those working with the individual so that they may gain and use skills that allow them to be more independent.

Fresh Start Program is a program that helps subsidize housing for those with autism and other intellectual disabilities who wish to live independently and do not qualify for community home supervised care services. This program provides subsidized housing based on income and allows our direct support staff to provide customized life skills training while in constant communication with the CEO to improve outcomes.

Real-time mentorship and weekly in-person oversight for the entire team from me a Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC) with may nears of experience supporting adults with autism in Pennsylvania. We Care Support Services was founded by two BSC’s whose passion is helping individuals achieve their goals and live with independence. Each individual served receives weekly visits from Armandi or Kenneth to consult with: the individual, family, and staff are all included to help with goal-specific objectives to optimize progress towards meeting goals and build personal relationships. There is also access to other clinical backgrounds through a professional network that allows other disciplines (OT, PT, SLP, RN) to provide strategies and guidance in areas of need.


Medicaid approved provider serving adults in Pennsylvania

Serving Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, and Surrounding Counties

Our Services:

  • Community Inclusion Support 
  • Systematic Skill Building 
  • Behavioral Specialist Consulting Services 
  • Supportive Employment 
  • Weekly Oversight and Mentorship from a Licensed BSC 
  • Fresh Start Program 
  • Healthcare Professional Clinical Network


An Interview with Kenneth and Armandi of We Care Support Services


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