Revolutionizing care through technology, Optonome brings quality healthcare and support services to your doorstep, making autonomy accessible to everyone.

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At the heart of Optonome is our Community Hub – a vibrant space where clinicians, families, and support professionals connect. Share experiences, find support, and build lasting relationships that transform care into a community effort

Every journey is unique. That’s why Optonome offers Tailored Support, ensuring you receive the guidance, resources, and tools specifically suited to your needs. From start-up assistance for clinicians to personalized care plans for families, we’re here to support your path.

Empowerment through education. Explore our comprehensive suite of Educational Courses designed for clinicians, DSPs, and anyone looking to expand their knowledge. With Optonome, advancing your skills and earning certifications is just a click away.

Unlock your potential with Optonome. Dive into a wealth of Employment Opportunities that offer more than just a job. Whether you’re a clinician, DSP, or looking for a meaningful career change, find fulfilling roles that make a difference in people’s lives

With Optonome, You Can

  • Transform your smart device into a hub for community and care 
  • Connect with loved ones
  • Discover your local area
  • Organize special events
  • Receive tailored support 
  • Enroll in educational courses
  • Search for employment opportunities

All of these features are conveniently located in a single destination

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Clinician-led Businesses Offering Value-Based Care


Start and Scale Their Business

Discover unparalleled work-life balance as a healthcare professional by becoming a part of Optonome’s network of occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, speech therapists, and behavioral specialists who are spearheading the revolution in home healthcare.

Direct Support Professionals

Experience work flexibility, living wage earnings,  ongoing mentorship and the opportunity to create a positive social impact.

Healthcare Professionals

With our advanced technology, training, mentoring, business planning, and extensive clinician support network, you can confidently establish and scale your business, paving the way for prosperous growth and success.


Download the Optonome App to access FREE training, access to our clinical network and Quinn Powered by ChatGPT in our HIPAA compliant chat channels which allows you to also share calendars, videos, events, files, or any other documents with anyone of your choosing! 

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About Optonome

At Optonome, we are driven by a single, foundational belief: everyone deserves access to quality care that empowers autonomy and fosters community connections. Our mission is to revolutionize the healthcare and support sectors by providing innovative technology and resources that enable clinicians, direct support professionals (DSPs), small businesses, and families to thrive. Through our comprehensive platform, we aim to streamline operations, enhance communication, and ensure that care delivery is both effective and compassionate.

Our vision extends beyond the immediate horizon. We see a future where every individual, regardless of their care needs, can live their fullest life with dignity and independence. By connecting communities and empowering individuals across the spectrum of care, Optonome is setting new standards in healthcare and support services, ensuring that care is always within reach and tailored to meet the unique needs of each person we serve.

Together, we’re building a world where every interaction, every service, and every product enriches lives, making “care” synonymous with “opportunity” and “support” with “growth.” This is the future Optonome is dedicated to creating—one where autonomy is not just a possibility but a reality for everyone.